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Dr. Asher E. Siegelman

Asher Siegelman, Ph.D. is an Israeli board certified clinical psychologist (mumche) with a specialty in clinical suicidology.  He was trained by Professor David A. Jobes who is one of the world experts in the treatment of suicide risk.  Dr. Siegelman has helped the National Institutes of Health and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to create effective screening tools for identifying at-risk patients.  He has also published in major academic journals and he is the CAMS-care consultant and trainer for Israel.

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Our Care Philosophy

Honesty, Empathy, and Collaboration

While suicide is often viewed as a problem that requires immediate hospitalization, at Israel Suicide Prevention we know that is far from true.  You are the expert about your pain.  Our approach is built on acknowledging this fact in order to truly understand YOU.  With this understanding we can work together to create a life worth living.

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Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality

An evidence-based approach to caring for a suicidal person.

Collaborative Assessment

We utilize a proven method to assess suicide risk with the Suicide Status Form (SSF).  This provides a framework for you to guide your treatment to understand what is at the core of your suicidality.  The core is referred to as your suicidal "drivers."


Your care focuses on your self-defined "drivers" of suicidality.  This means that treatment is customized to you to address your core reasons for wanting to die.


The SSF allows us to monitor your progress from each session and to manage your suicide risk.  This is what makes hospitalization largely unnecessary.

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